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De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi

NEW AUDIOBOOK: De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi in Italian and English

Immerse Yourself in Knightly Combat

Step back into the world of the late 1400s with Philippo
Vadi's De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi: the Art of Sword Fighting in Earnest.

This extraordinary audiobook, read in its original Italian by the captivating Eleonora Rebecchi and translated and narrated in English by renowned historical martial artist Dr. Guy Windsor, brings Vadi’s work to life.

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From medieval sword and buckler to the elegant smallsword, and most weapons in between: showcasing famous women in the historical martial arts. Walpurgis? Lady Agnes? La Maupin? absolutely. And now including La Chevalière d'Eon.

And The Sword Guy podcast and Sword People community shirts too!

Latest News: 5 July '24


And greetings from stormy Kansas. I arrived on Wednesday night after a more eventful than is ideal trip. There was a medical emergency on the plane (I’m the wrong kind of doctor to be useful there, but the right kind of doctor literally ran across a row of seats to get to the action); then there was a queue at passport control that took over 2 hours, while I had an hour and 40 minutes to catch my connecting flight; which was fortunately delayed just long enough that I made it, though my bag didn’t. It’s easy to get really stressed in that kind of situation, but I kept calm with the following thoughts:

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