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The Swordschool Training Year Planner (wirebound)

The Swordschool Training Year Planner (wirebound)

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Plan your training like a pro!

With this beautiful full-colour planner you can set goals, plan your training, and review your progress. 

Aspire to mastery of the Art of Arms, and craft a lifestyle that will lead you towards it. From daily training goals to annual events, this planner works from the specific details of daily life to the overall theme of your year. Connect with like-minded enthusiasts on and share your progress with the tag #planner.

Design your days, map out the year, create monthly themes, and reflect with quarterly reviews. 

Embark on a transformative journey using the Swordschool Training Year Planner to tailor your approach.


Also available to print at home as a PDF, or as a paperback. Please note, the wirebound version can only be printed in the UK. If you are based in the US, buying the paperback version will save you on shipping, as paperbacks can be printed in both the UK and the US. 


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Which version is best for you?

  1. PDF print at home. (180 pages, full colour A4)
  2. Paperback (A4) - our printers can print this in the US or UK, so if you live in the US and want to save on shipping, choose this version.
  3. Wirebound (A4) - this can only be printed in the UK, so choose this version if you live in or near the UK, or if you are in the US and don't mind the extra shipping cost. 

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Newton

The Swordschool Training Year Planner (wirebound)

Paperback and Wire-bound (or PDF)

Beautiful full colour

Plenty of space for notes

Start at any point in the year