Kin Chan

Episode 116 Yoghurt Pot Armour, with Kin Chan

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Kin Chan is a landscape designer, a cosplayer, and a historical martial arts practitioner, who lives in Ontaria, Canada.

In this episode we discuss making things at all ends of the scale, from the tiny (watchmaking) to the huge (landscape design), with cosplay and armour in between.

Kin takes us through the incredible amount of work and craftsmanship that goes into creating costumes for cosplay conventions, and we talk about the similarities between cosplay and historical re-enactment. We also geek out about our favourite historical armour. You can find Maximilian’s flying blasting plates, designed with help from clockmakers, at around 10:31 in this video:

As promised, here is the photo of Kin Chan’s workspace:

Here is the Beserker armour:

And here is the Kaiser X Set from Monster Hunter (The set is on a stand next to Kin’s wife having her...not so impressed face.)

There is an Instagram video with more detailed views of the armour here:


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This is the link to the David Ito episode we talk about towards the end of our conversation:


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