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  • Was £350, now £50! (offer ends 3 December 2023)

    This course is ideal for students interested in practising medieval combat, and will provide many months of training material. The course includes:

    • A very gentle introduction to warming up
    • Sword handling drills
    • Basic striking
    • Basic defences
    • Counter-remedies (how the attacker can counter the defences)
    • More advanced striking
    • Building up complex drills
    • All 54 of Fiore's longsword plays out of armour
    • Freeplay
    • Advanced training
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  • Was £350, now £50! (offer ends 3 December 2023)

    The rapier is a glorious weapon from the most romantic age, and chief among its exponents was the legendary Ridolfo Capoferro, who wrote his "Great Representation of the Art and Use of Fencing" in 1610.

    In this course you will learn his style of swordsmanship from the ground up, starting with basic actions of the body and the sword, and gradually progressing through the system until you are proficient with the sword alone, and with the sword and dagger together. We also cover sword and cape!

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What does the Medieval Longsword Course cover?

What does the Complete Rapier Course cover?

How to access your course

When you buy the course, you get a PDF by email which contains a link to access the course on the SwordPeople platform. If you can’t find the email, please check your spam folder, and if it isn’t there, let us know at

Then just click the link in the PDF (or paste it into a browser), create a free account at SwordPeople (if you haven't already), and enjoy the course!

You will also get access our the community of like-minded sword people, so you can chat with others, ask questions, and talk about lovely swords.

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