Collection: Get Them Moving: How to teach historical martial arts

Pre-order: This book will be released on 5th August 2024.

Welcome, instructors of historical martial arts!

In Get Them Moving, I’ve distilled over twenty years of teaching experience into a comprehensive guide that’s as practical as it is motivational. Whether you’re stepping into the salle as an instructor for the first time or you’ve been teaching students for years, this book offers clear and actionable guidelines to improve outcomes for your students. From constructing effective lesson plans to overcoming the hurdle of imposter syndrome, I’ve laid out strategies and insights to elevate your teaching craft. Learn how to engage beginners with effective drills, run advanced classes, and how to incorporate the historical sources into your teaching.

This isn’t just a manual; it’s a mentorship in book form, designed to accompany you as you forge the next generation of martial artists.

Ready to transform your practice into impactful teaching? Let’s begin.

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